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We are building a ‘Learning Center’ to expand and accommodate the global outpouring of requests to come here, learn, experience this wilderness, be with the Buffalo and horses, explore nature, heal and grow the wisdom and peace innate in all of us. This has never been done before, a Living Learning Sharing Center located on a Native Reserve. The funding provides staff, infrastructure, teachers, classes, projects, more global outreach, encircling and bringing to life a greater sense of belonging and contribution as family and community. Befriending and uplifting, providing a resurgence of respect, honor and kindness for all life. Focusing on you, learning your truth, living it and knowing how essential you are. We change the world when we remember who we are and how deeply we impact the whole of life.

Thank you for your participation. Thank you, thank you. Let us continue to share our progress with you. We will be sending updates and photos along the way. Thank you for sharing the emails, newsletters and blogs through your social outreach. Below are more ways to learn and contribute to existing projects underway that give and share. I smile and my heart is so full knowing all that is to come. Thank you for being such a blessing in life.

Tanah Whitemore

The Learning Center

Fund the development of our new Learning Center.

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Bison for the Brave

Say Thank you to Veterans and families with
healthy Bison Meat.

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Adopt A Buffalo

Support the Buffalo, living free and healthy.

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Nature has a Voice


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